Rescue Mutts "Big Idea"

To create a national identity for the animal rescue movement using a Turquoise Tag similar to how the pink ribbon and the color pink has become a symbol for breast cancer awareness.

The color turquoise was chosen because it reflects emotional balance, recharges our spirit, and is associated with friendship, love, and loyalty.

Bohdi the Rescue Mutt

Turquoise Tag sales revenue goes to the Bark Park Initiative, a program to build Bark Parks, playgrounds designed specifically for dogs in Public Shelters so they can get out of their cages on a regular basis to exercise and socialize. (see Bark Park Initiative below)

"Rescue Mutts tagline, Be a Barking Hero! was chosen to remind people that when you visit a public shelter and walk down the endless rows of dogs in cages, those dogs are really BARKING for love, and rescuing one makes you their hero." - Bohdi the Rescue Mutt 


Turquoise Tag - $10.00

Rescue Mutts Turquoise Tag is made out of recycled rubber (no clanging) and easily attaches to your dog's collar, harness, or leash.

Rescue Mutts is etched into the tag.

The Facts:

  1. The $10.00 price includes the tag, shipping, and donation. (see Fact #2) 
  2. Rescue Mutts donates 40% ($4) of each Turquoise Tag sold to our partner the Petfinder Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, while most companies offer only 5% - 10% of the retail price of an item they are associating with a charity.
  3. The 40% the Petfinder Foundation receives is used to underwrite the Bark Park Initiative, our joint venture program. 
  4. Rescue Mutts uses the balance of the income to cover all expenses: production, shipping, licensing, and digital marketing.
  5. Your dog is gonna dig it! 

"Bark Park Initiative"

Rescue Mutts Bark Park Initiative is focused on public shelters because that is where over 650,000 healthy dogs were killed last year due to lack of space.  

The Public Shelter problem is that most dogs are not on their best behavior because a shelter is a very scary place. Dogs are extremely anxious, so barking is loud and constant. 

Adoption at a public shelter can be as stressful for the potential adopter as it is for the dogs.

The Rescue Mutts solution is to create the best possible adoption environment in public shelters by building Bark Parks, playgrounds designed specifically for dogs, so they can get out of their cages on a regular basis to exercise and socialize.This is extremely important for a dog's mental health and adoptability.

Through a partnership with the Petfinder Foundation, we plan to build Bark Parks in public shelters across the country.

The result will be a better experience for everyone involved and a more adoptable dog.

Bark Park Rewards

Bark Park Rewards is an integrated marketing program focused on promoting public shelters as the go-to place to adopt a dog, and an integral part of the "Bark Park Initiative."

A key component to Bark Park Rewards is thanking people who adopt a dog from a public shelter with free or discounted healthcare, food, and merchandise for their new best friend.